About us

Island Yurts is a small friendly company that has been buried away in the backwoods of Ashey, Isle of Wight, creating huge yurts for weddings and any other outdoor events. Our yurts are built with love and dedication from locally sourced reclaimed materials. We specialise in catering for outdoor events be they, weddings, private parties, corporate events, or woodland retreats.

Our yurts are available to rent or buy and are built to order. We cater for any outdoor function which requires an amazing tent, our yurts come in a range of sizes which can all be interlinked together to suit nearly any requirement, we can arrange flooring, furniture, lighting, seating plans and proposed layouts, sound systems and themed events, or just the tent itself.

Who are we?

We’re a small but dedicated bunch of Yurtsmen. We’ve spent the last year beavering away in the small hours of the morning and at weekends crafting what we believe are the best and largest yurts available in the country. Our yurts  have a design innovation that enables us to build ever bigger yurts, while keeping the entire structure amazingly rigid. The Yurts are designed and built by us, we handle all of the production in house including the manufacture of the canvas components. The timber components are cold laminated from reclaimed birch wood ply into the curves that form the wooden structure. The canvas is sewn with our Singer 12k6 in our own sewing shop using UV  treated anti wick thread.

Photo of Paul Wastall

Paul Wastall

Born in Lancashire I have been resident on the Isle of Wight since 1976. With a few breaks, I spent a lot of time in the scout movement. Educated in Cowes. Apprenticeship served at a local engineering firm, I've had a very varied career working in all aspects of engineering  including spending time as a blacksmith. I'm currently employed in the electrical contracting business, running Mission Electrical, a firm founded in 2001 with Jim. I presently live in Bembridge Harbour with my three children, Robert, James and Amy and Ziggy the dog on Houseboat Freebird, Which we built in a Thames lighter hull.

Why are we building yurts?

Because we were there! Before the initial idea came the workshop, with a space so perfect something was going to get built. Next came the timber! Reclaimed from an industrial source with a unique feature of being totally useless for any normal application, the ply comes in sheets with the grain running in one direction only not cross-grained as with regular ply this makes it incredibly strong in one direction only but utterly useless for sheeting application,  perfect however for forming curves.

The design was thrashed out over some late night coffee and biscuits and we were off, building the biggest jigsaw puzzle so far. Only when the last piece of the wooden structure was finished could we be sure we had made the first piece right! Luckily the maths was good.

Next we set off to the big city in search of industrial sewing machines, building the sewing shop at the start of 2010. The canvas is again a natural material sewn by us to our own pattern.

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