Hire our yurts

We hire beautiful event yurts for weddings.

Our largest yurt combination can seat up to 250 people and we can seat up to 140 within a single yurt.  Any combination will create a stunning and unique event space.

All yurts are delivered to site anywhere in the UK and beyond and can be arranged in any number of combinations with closed sides or open onto poles.

We can cater for all aspects of that special day including floor plans, a range of chairs, tables and benches, bar fronts, dance floors, flooring, heating, toilet trailers, field kitchens, decorations and even the location.

The Daddy

Our biggest yurt, It has a diameter of 12.5 metres & stands at just over 5 meters at the king ring, the central ring has a 2.5 meter diameter & is topped with a sprung timber dome, This is then covered with a transparent material to flood the space with natural light, The cover can be removed if necessary if the weather is good.

The walls are a beautiful lattice work held rigidly in place by the top and bottom rings, the rings give us the ability to remove large sections of the walls & replace them with posts 4 meters apart this gives a stunning view both inside & out. All of our yurts have these features which make for  some of the most versatile structures available.

The beauty of the yurt is stunning & they have amazing acoustics, the sweeping beams above you combined with the slow curve of the lattice work and the light falling through the central ring combine to create an inspiring environment.


It will seat 110 at tables or 160 with a buffet. As with all our yurts they can be linked together to provide additional space with the yurts either touching at the rings or with an open canopy between them. The yurt itself stands without guy ropes & can be used in all weathers.  

The Mummy

Our Seven metre yurt. This yurt is also a very substantial structure, it is free standing without guy ropes, it has no central poles so all of the  internal space can be used with any layout, Linked into the 12 metre yurt this tent adds a huge additional area which can be used as a dance floor, bar area buffet tables or additional seating. Drapes can be easily hung between the tents to screen one tent from the other for the element of surprise as you pass through from one area to the other, they are easily attached and removed from the join to add an air of mystery. Perfect for smaller weddings or other functions the mummy can also be linked into either of our additional yurts.

The Big Baby

Our 5 metre yurt, is still a large structure more suitable for private parties, trade stands, festival bars, or as an addition  to any of our other tents, this yurt has no central poles and can again be linked into any of our other yurts. This is a relatively inexpensive tent which has all the features of the yurts above but in a smaller package! We can even deliver this tent to a campsite of your choice (Island only) stock it with everything you need with comfortable sleeping for four, (6 if your friendly) camp stove, barbecue etc. fully erected and then take it all away again at the end of your stay.

All of our yurts can be delivered to the site of your choice, erected in any combination with lattice sides or open on poles (half tent maximum). Grand entrance doors can be supplied for all of our yurts or with simple canvas panelling. We can supply a range of flooring, lighting, tent dressing, power, comfort facilities, even overnight sleeping arrangements! In pod yurts of course!

Our yurts are fully versatile and can be arranged in any number of ways, please contact us for suggested layouts as some functions such as weddings do require meticulous planning.

All Prices are available on request but may require a site visit to finalise pricing due to site conditions, We are happy to work with you to taylor for any taste or budget.

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