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Glamping Yurts

Our Glamping Units are completely handcrafted using the finest Birch Ply here at our workshop on the Isle of Wight.

The timber engineering process that we use enables us to build very durable structures that are easily replicated. This allows the canvas components to fit the frame perfectly each time. 

We can also design the yurts to interlink into buildings or other structures. Call us to discuss your ideas further! 

We have been building permanently sited yurts since 2010 and are very familiar with the processes involved. Therefore, we can also assist in viability studies suggest site layouts and planning issues.


Sizes and seasons

We can manufacture yurts in any size from 3 to 12.5 metre diameter.

Our most popular size for the glamping market is our 6 metre yurt, With a mezzanine floor fitted this yurt can sleep up to 6 peoples.  We can fit an ensuite shower room into any yurt which is 5 metres or larger, the Meazzanine floor can be installed in any yurt but only works as functional sleeping space in tents 6 metres and larger. 

Most of the yurts we build for the glamping market are three season yurts meaning they are most functional between Easter and October. It’s more than possible to keep the yurts warm outside of these times but you might wake up to some chilly mornings! 

 we can  build yurts that are insulation compliant to current building regulations.they can even be fitted with underfloor or gas central heating