Hire our Yurts

We rent beautiful Yurts for weddings or any event

Our largest yurt combination can seat up to 250 people and we can seat up to 160 at tables within a single Yurt. Any combination will create a stunning and unique event space.

All of our Yurts can be delivered to site anywhere in the UK and beyond and can be arranged in any number of combinations with closed sides or open onto poles.

We can cater for all aspects of your special day including floor plans, a range of chairs, tables and benches, bar fronts, dance floors, flooring, heating, toilet trailers, field kitchens, decorations and even the location.


The Kahuna Yurts

Our 7 metre diameter Yurt is a large structure that can seat up to 40 guests,  perfect for private parties, christenings, trade-stands, festival bars, or as an addition  to any of our other tents. This Yurt has no central poles and can be linked into any of our other yurts to create extra space.

As with all of our Yurts the kahuna tents can be installed in any space with a large enough footprint. The Yurt requires only minimal space around it and can be fixed to nearly any flat surface. 

The Yurt can be supplied with a double door set or with a third of the perimeter open on poles. This versatile tent can be linked together as a duo, or three can be linked in a clover leaf pattern under a central canopy



The Big Kahuna Yurt

This beautiful Yurt has a diameter of 12 and a half metres and stands over 5 metres tall in the centre. Like all our hire tents this Yurt has free standing headroom and beyond right to the outer perimeter making every inch of the covered space usable. 

This is our most popular yurt for weddings seating between 60 and 100 guests. However,  over the years it has been used for a range of purposes including TV studios, yoga workshops and seriously funky festival bars. 

As with all of our yurts they can be set up  within its own footprint plus a metre; this makes them particularly suitable for use in courtyards, linking into buildings and wherever space is limited! 


The Grand Kahuna Yurt

This is the largest single span structure currently available from Island Yurts. It really takes wedding marquees to the next level! This impressive structure has a width of 12.5 metres and a length of 16 metres. 

The Yurt can comfortably seat up to 140 people and still have plenty of room for a dance floor, stage and an L-shaped bar.  You will be amazed at the height and space available within this structure!


We tend to light the yurts with fairy lights hanging from the central rings to the perimeter which creates a particularly magical ‘balloon’ effect inside the Yurt as the sun goes down.


Yurt Combinations and Venue styling

If you’re looking for something a bit quirkier or to fit into an awkward space, or for smaller events, then a combination of the Yurts might be the answer! 

Our Kahuna Yurts an be interlinked with each other in two’s or three’s or to the Big Kahuna Yurt.The opening between the yurts is very wide so it still feels like one cohesive structure. These combination installs give a truly unique and spacious feeling.

As previously stated, lighting the yurts with fairy lights hanging from the central rings to the perimeter creates a particularly magical effect at night.


New for 2020 the Master Kahuna Yurt

From 2020 we will be offering the Master Kahuna Yurt! This will be the ultimate in enormous Yurts The same height as the grand Kahuna Yurt but with another 4 metre section added.

This Yurt will be 12.5 metres by 20 and gives a total covered area of 222 square meters which makes it larger than a tennis court! This elegant structure can seat up to 200 guests and really is the ultimate in Yurt tent luxury. Bookings are being taken  for 2020!