42.5m SQUARE METRES FLOOR SPACE (including Mezzanine) | 4.2M TOTAL HEIGHT | 2.0M WALL HEIGHT

Timber Components

  • 42 curved roof beams cold laminated from Birch wood Ply
  • 7 curved top ring sections cold laminated from birch wood ply
  • 7 curved bottom ring sections cold laminated from birch wood ply
  • 1 central sky light ring cold laminated from birch wood ply
  • 3 lattice wall panels formed from birch wood ply
  • 2 joiner pieces for the lattice panels
  • 2 lattice panel end pieces
  • 1 10mm thick acrylic dome to suit the 1500mm aperture including single winder
  • and hinge arrangement
  • 1 softwood close panelled door including frame and door furniture

Canvas Components

1 complete Outer Canvas manufactured from 16Oz Regentex FR with coloured
trim around the perimeter including all fasteners and attachment required. Base
constructed from 18mm softwood ply with 5mm low-E insulation sub base
constructed from treated softwood timber.
The fixing to the site depends on site conditions. for clay and soft field sites
poles will be driven in to carry the bearers,, in harder ground conditions it may
be necessary to dig in posts and fix with postcrete. this cost is not allowed for.

Additional Canvas Components for 3 layer insulated yurts only

1 complete inner lining, Fabricated from Holiday FR canvas
1 complete insulation barrier fabricated from Low E 5mm insulation with taped
joints throughout including under the timber floor

Price for Yurt Structure and Canvas Cover £29,500 plus VAT

Price for Yurt Structure with 3 Layer insulated Canvas Cover and Insulated Wooden Base £42,655

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